"I enjoy changing the course of social networks, fixing an errant Facebook page faster than a speeding bullet, and jumping over the highest hurdles of any pharma legal/regulatory department," says Social Media Intern (SMI). "As an intern I do not make much money. My job is to find pharma social media "dummies" who launch social media campaigns without thinking! You can help me find these dummies by answering my 'Ask Social Media Intern' survey/questionnaire. CLICK HERE to submit info about your favorite social media dummy!"

Tell SMI about:

  • A competitor's feeble effort to leverage social media. Maybe they are pushing the regulatory envelope or not being transparent ... whatever! SMI will find something that's not quite right and she will expose here on Pharma Marketing Blog!
  • Maybe you are thinking of launching your own social media initiative, but you want an outside opinion, a critical eye to review it and make sure it doesn't end up as a case that SMI exposes because your competitor reported it to SMI (see above).
  • You may be a social media "newbie" -- if you don't know what that means, you are one! -- and have a question. Don't waste SMI's time with stupid questions like what are FDA regulations regarding social medi use by pharmaceutical companies? SMI is interested in questions like I want to use social media to promote a drug off-label, how do you recommend I do that? Now that's a question SMI can sink her teeth into!